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The shift in a relationship can bring about many emotions, including sadness, confusion, and despair. We'll address everything that you're feeling, as well as your concerns, and we'll collaboratively have a plan and set goals to get the relationship back on track.

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There are natural ebbs and flows in all relationships. With that said, sometimes shifts in the relationship can bring about feelings of sadness, anger, despair, and confusion. As we share our most intimate selves with our partners, there may be concerns, differences, or decisions we need guidance on how to move through. Whatever those pain points may be that are causing stress in the relationship, we can make a plan on how to best address them. Our goal is to understand each party’s needs and wants to either rebuild the marriage, resolve uncertainties, or works towards a cordial separation.


The process for healing, forgiveness, and harmony takes time and patience. The stages of dealing with extramarital involvement bring out vulnerabilities and painful emotions and miscommunication, which through the course of our time together we will work to address in an effort to re-strengthen your bond. We will understand and integrate the meaning of the affair into the present and find a way to move forward. The infidelity will be a part of your story, but it does not have to define it. What you should expect is to be encouraged and challenged to continue to strengthen and deepen your relationship, while we shed light on certain dynamics that may need attention.

Some issues we may address are: communication, conflict resolution, money and finances, sex and intimacy issues, fighting and anger issues, gender roles, addiction, in-law struggles, religion, values, pregnancy, and many more. 

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