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I’m Dr. Claudia Caprio, your Mental Health Mentor during the 28-days of JUMP. JUMP is a 28-day program designed by Luly founders Nicole and Noelle Mejia to help you find your balance in life through a three-pronged approach: Movement, Nutrition, and Personal Development. I'm also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida, where I received my doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy. Throughout this JUMP Journey, I'll be available to you for mentoring and support as you push through each week's challenges. We've designed a robust mentorship program to help you tackle mental and emotional roadblocks based off my years of training as a therapist.


My therapeutic approach is based on the relational lens. Let me break that down for you.


We have a relationship with all things: our thoughts, our feelings, the people in our lives, and the things we do. My role throughout this program is to help you identify the types of relationships that shape your life and what part you play in the dynamic.


I am so excited to serve as YOUR Mental Health Mentor throughout this life-changing experience! Want a JUMP start? Book a preliminary session to get ahead of the game.

Taking the JUMP

As you know, JUMP takes you along a 4-week journey to help you achieve the ultimate balance in your daily lifestyle. They got you eating kale, drinking enough water to make you feel like you’re the fountain of youth, and even have you stepping up your fitness game to the point that you have become #GOALS. But in 2020 the truth is finally out… if you don't deal with the stuff in your head, you're bound to stay stuck in unhealthy patterns, leaving a piece of this JUMP puzzle undone. 

Throughout the program, various topics such as boundaries and aligning with your inner child are discussed- this may bring forward some pretty uncomfortable feelings. I am here to help you “lean in” to them. It’s an approach I use based on my training as a relational therapist. With my guidance, you will learn to connect with your thoughts and feelings in order to form a better relationship with them. 

JUMP is strategically designed to make you LEVEL UP, and I’m here to help you get your mind right for it.

ProTip: Let your ultimate best self flourish! A healthy relationship with your thoughts and feelings can help you achieve the best version of YOU!

Mental Health Check-In 

Weekly, group video calls hosted by your Mental Health Mentor, Dr. Claudia

Mental Health Mentorship Packages

The JUMP Start: $100

One-hour Preliminary Call

You did it! You signed up for JUMP and I can imagine you’re getting all the feels right now! With such a commitment, it’s possible that you may be experiencing feelings of self-doubt or even some anxiety around not knowing what is about to go down. This 1-hour Preliminary Session is a video call that will help address those uncertainties, connect to the program’s purpose, and cultivate personal goals that you plan to accomplish within JUMP. 

JUMP Start Your Journey

Stay Woke $135

Single One-Hour Session

(10% Discount) 

You’re cruisin’ along this JUMP JOURNEY, and suddenly there is an emotional roadblock that’s got you shook! Oh girl... Don’t let it derail you from your goals! Schedule a 1-hour video call to process what has come up for you, so you can stay on track.

Stay Woke Fam

Go Bestie, That’s My Bestie Package: $480


Weekly One-Hour Sessions (4 sessions)

I STAN! Look at you with all that hard work and dedication! Deciding to make lifestyle changes is a big freakin' deal, and I want to make sure you’ve got the tools to tackle this journey head on! With our once a week video chats, we’re going to make sure you are feeling good, connecting deeply, and doing THE WORK to ensure your mental health is on point. During the course of our weekly sessions, I will be guiding you through each week’s JUMP theme. Any questions and concerns that come up as you move forward in your program can be addressed and overcome.

On My Bestie Behavior

Spill the Tea: $270

(10% Discount) (Available from February 2nd- February 9th)

One Debriefing Two-Hour Session

…*mic drop*... AND DONE! You have completed the first JUMP journey of the year. You’re sitting here excited about the growth you’ve just achieved, so what next?! In order to sustain the value that you gained throughout this program, you need to have a plan! This two-hour video call gives you the opportunity to debrief, reevaluate, and plan the next step. Will you be joining us on the next JUMP? What should you be working on until then? Let’s hash out what the next couple of weeks looks like for you so you can continue being your best, shining self! 

This tea is HOT... go on and spill it!

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